Keynote II – Prof. Dr. Emma Beauxis-Aussalet

Dr. Emma Beauxis-Aussalet – Informing trust, fairness, and diversity for the AI practitioner or end-user

Please find the slides here.

AI can have critical impacts on people or society, for instance by creating bias and discrimination. These impacts are difficult to assess and communicate to practitioners or end-users, and this gap worsens the ethical issues. This talk will discuss the means to inform AI practitioners and end-users about discrimination and diversity issues through the lens of a seemingly simple task: measuring AI errors.  We will highlight key challenges with collecting reliable test data, and assessing the test data as well as the test results. We will draw inspiration from applications that require strict uncertainty assessments, e.g., in health, or ecology, and argue that designing transparent, fair and inclusive AI encompasses the design of both AI systems and the human ecosystems in which they take part.

Prof. Dr. Emma Beauxis-Aussalet is assistant professor of ethical computing at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), and co-manager of the Civic AI Lab investigating the social and ethical issues of AI systems for Dutch public services. With her multidisciplinary background in computer science and design, she has been researching computational methods, statistics, user interfaces and data visualizations that enable transparent and controllable AI systems. For her achievements in this field, she was named one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics in 2021.