Overall Program

Monday, September 5

Monday, September 5 10:15 – 11:00


Monday, September 5 11:15 – 12:35

Special Session: Crowdsourcing

Chair: Matthias Hirth
A Vital Improvement? Relating Google’s Core Web Vitals to Actual Web QoE
Nikolas Wehner, Monisha Amir, Michael Seufert, Raimund Schatz and Tobias Hoßfeld
Waiting along the Path: How Browsing Delays Impact the QoE of Music Streaming Applications
Anika Seufert, Ralf Schweifler, Fabian Poignée, Michael Seufert and Tobias Hoßfeld
Comparison of Crowdsourced and Remote Subjective User Studies: A Case Study of Investigative Child Interviews
Saeed Shafiee Sabet, Cise Midoglu, Syed Zohaib Hassan, Pegah Salehi, Gunn Astrid Baugerud, Carsten Griwodz, Miriam Johnson, Michael Alexander Riegler and Pål Halvorsen
Evaluating the Robustness of Speech Evaluation Standards for the Crowd
Edwin Ricardo Gamboa, Babak Naderi, Matthias Hirth and Sebastian Möller

Monday, September 5 13:30 – 14:30

Session: Audio/Visual user experience

Chair: Irene Viola
The Impact of Network Impairments on the QoE of WebRTC applications: A Subjective study
Alessandro Floris, Simone Porcu, Luigi Atzori, Luigi Serreli and Gulnaziye Bingol
Enrichment of Product Presentation Video: Methods and Impacts on User Experience
Weiyue Gao, Wei Xiang, Xuanhui Liu, Yingying Huang and Lingyun Sun
Impacts of Presenting Extra Information in Short Videos via Text and Voice on User Experience
Weiyue Gao, Wei Xiang, Xuanhui Liu, Xueyou Wang and Lingyun Sun

Monday, September 5 14:30 – 16:00

Poster session I

On the Number of Subjects Needed for 360 Video Quality Experiments: An SOS Based Analysis
Majed Elwardy, Hans-Juergen Zepernick and Thi My Chinh Chu
Regularized Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Subjective Quality from Noisy Individual Ratings
Lohic Fotio Tiotsop, Antonio Servetti, Marcus Barkowsky and Enrico Masala
Human Influential Factors Assessment During At-Home Gaming with an Instrumented VR Headset
Marc-Antoine Moinnereau, Alcyr Alves de Oliveira and Tiago Falk
Quality of Experience in the Metaverse: An Initial Analysis on Quality Dimensions and Assessment
Simone Porcu, Alessandro Floris and Luigi Atzori
When Every Millisecond Counts: The Impact of Delay in VR Gaming
Saeed Shafiee Sabet, Ragnhild Eg, Kjetil Raaen, Muhammad Qasim, Michael Alexander Riegler and Pål Halvorsen
VRstalls: A Dataset on the QoE of Frame Stalls in 6-DOF VR
Viktor Kelkkanen, David Lindero, Hans-Juergen Zepernick, Markus Fiedler and Thi My Chinh Chu
Performance of ITU-T P.1204.4 on Video Encoded with AV1, AVS2, VVC
Silvio Borer
Compensating for Latency in Cloud-based Game Streaming using Attribute Scaling
Xiaokun Xu, Michael Bosik, Adam Desveaux, Alejandra Garza, Alex Hunt, Cameron Person, James Plante, Joseph Swetz, Nina Taurich, Brian Clark, Doris Hung, Philip Lamoureux and Mark Claypool
A Novel Spherical Video Quality Metric for 360º Video Coding
Jayasingam Adhuran, Gosala Kulupana, Anil Fernando and Chathura Galkandage
Data-Driven Study of Long-Term Gaming Experience
Jens Helge Reelfs and Oliver Hohlfeld

Monday, September 5 16:00 – 16:40

Session: Games User Research and Experience

Chair: Nabajeet Barman
The Effects of Network Latency on Counter-strike: Global Offensive Players
Xiaokun Xu, Shengmei Liu and Mark Claypool
Multisensory Immersive Experiences: A Pilot Study on Subjective and Instrumental Human Influential Factors Assessment
Reza Amini Gougeh and Tiago Falk

Tuesday, September 6

Tuesday, September 6 9:00 – 9:45


Prof. Dr. Youssef Shiban

Tuesday, September 6 10:00 – 11:20

Session: New assessment and evaluation methods

Chair: Mylene Farias
Generalized Westerink-Roufs Model for Predicting Quality of Scaled Video
Nabajeet Barman, Rahul Vanam and Yuriy Reznik
On the Performance of Temporal Pooling Methods for Quality Assessment of Dynamic Point Clouds
Pedro Garcia Freitas, Johann Homonnai, Mateus Gonçalves, Rafael Diniz and Mylene Farias
Quality evaluation of the JPEG Pleno Holography call for proposals response
João Pedro Casanova Prazeres, Antonin Gilles, Raees Kizhakkumkara Muhammad, Tobias Birnbaum, Peter Schelkens and Antonio M. G. Pinheiro
Deep Learning-Based Light Field Image Quality Assessment Using Frequency Domain Inputs
Sana Alamgeer and Mylene Farias

Tuesday, September 6 11:30 – 12:30

Session: Databases

Chair: Oliver Hohlfeld
Audiovisual Database with 360° Video and Higher-Order Ambisonics Audio for Perception, Cognition, Behavior, and QoE Evaluation Research
Thomas Robotham, Ashutosh Singla, Olli Rummukainen, Alexander Raake and Emanuël Habets
The Storytime Dataset: Simulated Videotelephony Clips for Quality Perception Research
Robert P. Spang, Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons and Sebastian Möller
Modeling of Energy Consumption and Streaming Video QoE using a Crowdsourcing Dataset
Christian Herglotz, Werner Robitza, Matthias Kränzler, Andre Kaup and Alexander Raake

Tuesday, September 6 13:45 – 14:45

PhD speech mentoring

Wednesday, September 7

Wednesday, September 7 9:00 – 9:45


Prof. Dr. Emma Beauxis-Aussalet

Wednesday, September 7 10:00 – 11:00

Session: Immersive experiences and technologies

Chair: Katrien De Moor
An Interactive Annotation Tool for Perceptual Video Compression
Evgenya Pergament, Pulkit Tandon, Kedar Tatwawadi, Oren Rippel, Lubomir Bourdev, Bruno Olshausen, Tsachy Weissman, Sachin Katti and Alexander G Anderson
On the impact of spatial rendering on point cloud subjective visual quality assessment
Davi Lazzarotto, Michela Testolina and Touradj Ebrahimi
QoE of Frame Stalls in Remote 6-DOF VR
Viktor Kelkkanen, David Lindero, Markus Fiedler, Hans-Juergen Zepernick and Thi My Chinh Chu

Wednesday, September 7 11:30 – 12:30

Special session: Immersive Interactive Environments

Chair: Kjell Brunnström
Subjective QoE Evaluation of User-Centered Adaptive Streaming of Dynamic Point Clouds
Shishir Subramanyam, Irene Viola, Jack Jansen, Evangelos Alexiou, Alan Hanjalic and Pablo Cesar
Designing Real-time, Continuous QoE Score Acquisition Techniques for HMD-based 360° VR Video Watching
Tong Xue, Abdallah El Ali, Irene Viola, Gangyi Ding and Pablo Cesar
Investigation of Personal Space perception in Augmented Reality
Maurizio Vergari, Robert P. Spang, Tanja Kojic, Britta Hesse, Sebastian Möller and Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons

Wednesday, September 7 13:30 – 15:00

Poster session II

Video Encoding Complexity Characterization
Shahid Satti, Matthias Obermann, Christian Schmidmer and Michael Keyhl
Perception of Audio Quality and Audio-on-Audio Interference in Sound Zones
Line Hermannsen and Søren Bech
Dialogue Enhancement and Listening Effort in Broadcast Audio: A Multimodal Evaluation
Matteo Torcoli, Thomas Robotham and Emanuël Habets
Between Two and Six? Towards Correct Estimation of JND Step Sizes for VMAF-based Bitrate Laddering
Hadi Amirpour, Raimund Schatz and Christian Timmerer
Crowdsourced Quality Assessment of Enhanced Underwater Images – a Pilot Study
Hanhe Lin, Hui Men, Yijun Yan, Jinchang Ren and Dietmar Saupe
QoE Assessment for Multi-Video Object Based Media
Tomasz Lyko, Yehia Elkhatib, Michael Sparks, Rajiv Ramdhany and Nicholas Race
Human vs. GPT-3: The challenges of extracting emotions from child responses
Myrthe Lammerse, Syed Zohaib Hassan, Saeed Shafiee Sabet, Michael Alexander Riegler and Pål Halvorsen
BiLSTM-based Quality of Experience Prediction using Physiological Signals
Sowmya Vijayakumar, Ronan Flynn, Peter Corcoran and Niall Murray
Better Experience, Better Performance? Results of a Study on VR Training Effectiveness in Healthcare
Till Bieg, Raimund Schatz, Sebastian Egger-Lampl, Benjamin Roszipal and Klara Kinzer
See hear now: is audio-visual QoE now just a fusion of audio and video metrics?
Helard Martinez, Andrew Hines and Mylene Farias

Wednesday, September 7 15:00 – 15:30