Poster session I

Monday, September 5 14:30 – 16:00

Poster session

On the Number of Subjects Needed for 360 Video Quality Experiments: An SOS Based Analysis
Majed Elwardy, Hans-Juergen Zepernick and Thi My Chinh Chu
Regularized Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Subjective Quality from Noisy Individual Ratings
Lohic Fotio Tiotsop, Antonio Servetti, Marcus Barkowsky and Enrico Masala
Human Influential Factors Assessment During At-Home Gaming with an Instrumented VR Headset
Marc-Antoine Moinnereau, Alcyr Alves de Oliveira and Tiago Falk
Quality of Experience in the Metaverse: An Initial Analysis on Quality Dimensions and Assessment
Simone Porcu, Alessandro Floris and Luigi Atzori
When Every Millisecond Counts: The Impact of Delay in VR Gaming
Saeed Shafiee Sabet, Ragnhild Eg, Kjetil Raaen, Muhammad Qasim, Michael Alexander Riegler and Pål Halvorsen
VRstalls: A Dataset on the QoE of Frame Stalls in 6-DOF VR
Viktor Kelkkanen, David Lindero, Hans-Juergen Zepernick, Markus Fiedler and Thi My Chinh Chu
Performance of ITU-T P.1204.4 on Video Encoded with AV1, AVS2, VVC
Silvio Borer
Compensating for Latency in Cloud-based Game Streaming using Attribute Scaling
Xiaokun Xu, Michael Bosik, Adam Desveaux, Alejandra Garza, Alex Hunt, Cameron Person, James Plante, Joseph Swetz, Nina Taurich, Brian Clark, Doris Hung, Philip Lamoureux and Mark Claypool
A Novel Spherical Video Quality Metric for 360º Video Coding
Jayasingam Adhuran, Gosala Kulupana, Anil Fernando and Chathura Galkandage
See hear now: is audio-visual QoE now just a fusion of audio and video metrics?
Helard Martinez, Andrew Hines and Mylene Farias