Paper Awards

QoMEX 2022 will select winners to receive the Best Conference Paper Award and the Best Student Paper Award. Both awards aim to honor exceptional technical contributions and promote high-quality research within the technical scope of the conference. The final awards decisions will be taken after the presentation of these papers.

The Awards Selection Guidelines are:

  1. Exclusions: The papers from the general chair, technical program chairs, special session chairs, and award chairs are excluded from consideration.
  2. Initial Score-based Selection: The three (3) accepted papers and three (3) accepted student papers with the highest rating and good recognition in the review process are chosen as the candidates.
  3. Award Committee: It is formed by the general chair, 3 technical program chairs, 3 special session chairs, and the award chair. All review scores and comments will be made available to the committee.
  4. Final Candidates Selection: Each award committee member sends their vote for 4 papers with clear ranking to the award chair where the best paper gets 4 points, the 2nd best 3 points, and so on.
    The Award Chair will consolidate the results and select 4 top-ranked papers, at least 2, with a student as the first author.
  5. Final Candidates Presentation: The 4 papers will be arranged for presentation before the award ceremony. The relevant authors will be informed before the conference.
  6. Presentations: The Award Selection Committee members should sit in the presentations or attend the poster and vote for each paper where the best paper gets 4 points, the 2nd best 3 points, and so on.
  7. Award Criteria: The Award Committee should consider the technical quality, the technical novelty, the potential impact, the editorial quality, the presentation quality, and the capability to answer questions.
  8. Winners Definition: After the consolidation of the votes by the Awards Chairs, the paper receiving the highest overall vote by the Award Selection Committee will be awarded the Best Paper Award (even if the first author is a student); the paper with the second-highest vote and with a student as the first author will be awarded the Best Student Paper Award. The remaining two papers will each receive an Honorable Mention Award.
  9. Issues: If there is any issue arising before the final decision can be reached, the Awards Committee will meet at the conference site to resolve it.

The awards ceremony will be held at the social dinner.

The final Candidates are:

A Vital Improvement? Relating Google’s Core Web Vitals to Actual Web QoE, Nikolas Wehner, Monisha Amir, Michael Seufert, Raimund Schatz and Tobias Hoßfeld
Waiting along the Path: How Browsing Delays Impact the QoE of Music Streaming Applications, Anika Seufert, Ralf Schweifler, Fabian Poignée, Michael Seufert and Tobias Hoßfeld
Compensating for Latency in Cloud-based Game Streaming using Attribute Scaling, Xiaokun Xu, Michael Bosik, Adam Desveaux, Alejandra Garza, Alex Hunt, Cameron Person, James Plante, Joseph Swetz, Nina Taurich, Brian Clark, Doris Hung, Philip Lamoureux and Mark Claypool
Deep Learning-Based Light Field Image Quality Assessment Using Frequency Domain Inputs, Sana Alamgeer and Mylene Farias