Travel support for (non-student) participants who self-identify as marginalized and/or underrepresented in the QoMEX community

This grant aims to broaden the community by welcoming a more diverse pool of researchers. In particular, to support the participation of researchers who self-identify as marginalized and/or underrepresented in the community (e.g., scholars who come from non-WEIRD – Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Developed – societies) and, especially,  those who lack funding opportunities in their institutions to support their participation. 

This grant is important to promote the participation of researchers from these underrepresented groups. Additionally, it can promote research collaborations and higher involvement of underrepresented attendees in future conference editions.

Awards of up to 2.000,00 Euro will be provided, with the exact value depending on the geographical areas (to maximize our reach), diversity (to improve inclusion), and topics (to expand into new areas). Award request should be sent by the 22nd of July 2022 for short paper authors to the Diversity / Inclusion Chair Mylène C.Q. Farias ( The request should provide the following information: a short cv [max. 2 pages] and motivation letter (including geographical area, the reason for self-identifying as marginalized and/or underrepresented as well as the accepted paper ID)  [max. 1 page ].